My Pond has gone Green

So often we are asked about what to do when a pond has gone green. The most common approach is people bomb the pond with chemicals in an effort to eradicate the unsightly algae, and yes this can be a short term fix but long term you are only masking an underlying problem.

Algae is amongst one of the most diverse single celled organisms known to man and it grows for a reason, that reason is to alleviate nitrogenous waste from the water body, effectively it’s consuming nutrient and improving water quality. However we all don’t appreciate the sight of it and exactly just what it is doing.

To properly understand what is happening we must first look at what has caused or outbreak of algae, Uneaten fish food, fish waste and decaying leaf matter, all contribute to becoming a food source for algae to grow. If we dose with algaecide all we do is inhibit the algae ability to reproduce, the food source for the algae remains and as soon as the algaecide has broken down the algae will return. So how do we combat this problem?

The answer is pretty simple, it’s called maintenance. We need to physically remove the decaying leaf matter, fish waste and any uneaten fish food from the pond that have been a food source for the algae to grow and prosper. If we starve the algae of it’s food then hey presto It can’t grow anymore and we are back to our beautiful elegant pond again with lovely clean water.

So how do we remove this waste? There are many ways we can go about removing and or reducing the waste nutrient, pumping out the water and sludge and washing down the walls and sides is amongst one of the quickest simplest ways to carry out such a task. Of course some ponds are simply just too large to feasibly drain and clean so we use a large industrial vacuum to extract the waste whilst minimising the water loss. Some of the ponds we service require the use of Scuba to effectively carry out this procedure.

How frequently must we perform waste removal on a pond? Every pond is different, a-lot depends on the type of filtration utilised to maintain the water quality in the pond some are definitely under filtered and struggle to maintain a pristine environment, others are setup with the ecosystem in mind and can run for two or even more years with minimal maintenance . As a general rule we recommend an annual clean ideally just before the warm weather kicks in.

Should you require maintenance for you pond or water feature please don’t hesitate to contact us

The addition of sludge destroying beneficial bacterias can be of great benefit to help reduce the nutrient load as well as

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