Pool To Pond

We are currently seeing a lot of interest from people who no longer use their pools, wanting to convert them to ponds. Wether you use your pond for swimming or habitat for the wildlife, the results can be very rewarding.

Conversions can be relatively simple in the form of aeration systems combined with strategic planting or wetland filtration systems for those who are looking for that little something more.

  • Pulling the plug on the pool pump and filter can easily save you a small fortune in electricity costs
  • The conversion is reversible – if you sell your house in future the buyer can maintain the pond or turn it back into a swimming pool.
  • A pond can make your house a home
  • Pond maintenance can become very therapeutic
  • Ponds are a great educational resource for kids
  • Attract biodiversity to your own backyard.
  • The pond can still be used for refreshing ‘dips’ and provide a peaceful reflective place
  • Ponds are a very useful educational resource; for example children can use dip nets to collect a wide range of aquatic wildlife.
  • Pool to Pond allows people to become custodians of a species of threatened native fish in their pond.  (Species such as Rainbow fish and Gudgeons from genetically significant populations have been used in this initiative and have proven to be extremely fecund.)

We can arrange an installation for you, or supply you with the required products for you to do it yourself.

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