Aquatic Plant Tablets 10g – 100 Pack


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Easy to use slow release fertiliser planting tablets for all aquatic pond plants. We recommend adding the tablets to your plants through the spring and summer months. 

Guaranteed analysis with full trace elements 

20-4-4-2 + Trace Elements

20% Nitrogen (N) as urea formaldehyde

  • 7% water soluble
  • 13% water insoluble slow release

4.5% Phosphorous (P) as calcium phosphate

  • 3.6% water soluble
  • 0.7% citrate soluble
  • 0.2% citrate insoluble

4.1% Pottasium (K) as sulphate

1.6% Sulphur (S) as sulphate

2.6% Calcium (Ca) as phosphate

0.5% Iron (Fe) as sulphate

0.5% Magnesium (Mg) as oxide 

0.05% Copper (Cu) as sulphate

0.05% Zinc (Zn) as sulphate

0.02% Boron (B) as sodium borate

Biuret 30g/kg N

Cadmium (maximum) 1.3mg/kg, 30.2 mg Cd/kg P

Lead (maximum) 3.6 mg/kg


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