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Cane Toad Trap


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Included with the trap are 5 free Bufotabs, which can be reordered as required at no charge although freight will be charged for delivery.

It has been discovered that cane toad tadpoles are drawn to a chemical attractant released by toad eggs. The University of Queensland have isolated and identified this chemical, and developed tadpole attractant baits that they call BufoTabs.

When placed in the shallows where cane toad tadpoles congregate, a single BufoTab in a funnel trap attracted and trapped several thousand tadpoles, in just a few hours. As a bonus, the attractant was highly selective for toad tadpoles, and did not attract frog tadpoles. Once trapped, toad tadpoles could be harvested, humanely euthanised, and disposed of safely.

To take the battle to the toad they have created the Cane Toad Challenge.  Although its early days, our tadpole trappers have already removed more than a million poisonous tadpoles from local waterways.


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