Rocking Piston Subair Set 2



Aeration system for lakes and dams of up to two acres depending on shape and depth of pond. 1/4 hp Rocking Piston compressor, aerates up to 15m deep. The Subair Set 2 kit also includes two Quick Sink air diffusers and dual valved outlet assembly with pressure relief valve – Also included 2 x 30m self weighted 3/8″ airline, Subair Set 2 is ideal for aerating long, narrow ponds or two small ponds with one compressor.

  • 1/4hp compressor
  • dual manifold valve
  • 2 x Quick Sink Air Diffuser
  • 2 x 30m 3/8″ self weighted airline

*ballast material of sand or gravel will be required for the quicksand diffuser


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