Swim Ponds

Fed up with the red eyes and itchy skin that chlorine can cause? You’re not alone. So many people are now seeking chemical free alternatives. Swim ponds or natural pools, as some refer to them are a chemical free alternative delivering exceptional water quality as mother nature intended. Bathing in a natural swim pond can leave you feeling fresh and rejuvenated, ready to take on your next venture. Swim ponds can be attributed to the likes of swimming in a creek or waterhole with plants and fish, all creating a natural balanced ecosystem.

How does a swim pond function?

Swim Ponds or Natural Pools mimic nature and utilise plants, rocks and gravel to biologically filter your water. Water is pumped up through a wetland filter and normally returned to the main pond by means of a waterfall, which creates oxygenation of the water. Plants in the system take up nutrient and help deliver vital oxygen to the environment where as rock and gravel create an immense surface area for good microscopic beneficial bacteria to colonise and break down waste nutrients into less harmful substances.

Can I convert my existing pool to a swim pond or natural pool?

Yes, providing you have the the available space for the installation of a wetland filtration system most pools require at least a 3m x 2,5m area as a minimum ideally located next to the pool. Our team can design a custom sized system to suit your requirements. Internal conversions, where the wetland is installed inside the existing pool are also possible.

Do swim ponds or natural pools need more maintenance than traditional pools?

No, natural pools or swim ponds generally require less maintenance than a traditional pool. There are still routine chores such as emptying the skimmer basket and just like a garden it will require periodical weeding. Regular removal of dead and decaying plant matter is an excellent way of exporting nutrient from the pond. Wetland filters do require an annual deep clean and it is advised to vacuum the gravel on the bottom annually as well. Our team can provide training on how to carry out this work or do it for you on an routine schedule.