Our History

Hi, we’re Pond Works.

We’re based in Brisbane, and mad about water.

Owner, Mark Jones, comes from a long line of ichthyologists – fish nerds who study all aspects, from their biology and behaviour to their environments. We know what makes fish tick.

This deep connection and dedication to fish is what underpins our drive and passion to design, build, maintain or repair your existing – or future – water feature.

Our experience draws from 30 years of involvement in numerous aquaculture projects from growing and breeding everything from micro algae, plankton, hard & soft corals and countless marine and freshwater fish species.

We have an extensive biological knowledge about what goes on in your water and a thorough understanding of fish disease so you can rest assured you’re in good hands. If you’re thinking of creating a water feature lifestyle, or your existing feature has gone sour, then get in touch.

We work in the field of making your dream a reality.

We love our Job.

– The Pond Works Team

Our Qualifications and Accrediations

Master Certified Aquascape Contractor

Certified Aquascape Contractors (CAC’s) are the most qualified and informed water feature installers in the industry. CAC’s are trained and educated by Aquascape experts to not only install beautiful low maintenance water features but also provide quality workmanship, outstanding customer service, and knowledgeable assistance to their customers.

Pond Works is proud to have achieved Master Certified Aquascape Contractor (CAC) status which is the highest level to be achieved due to our exceptional work and commitment to the industry.

Firestone Accredited Installer

The Pond Works team are accredited Firestone installers. Trained by Europe’s finest, Pond Works credentials are recognised worldwide. Firestone liner leads the industry in quality and reliability making it the ideal choice for pond owners and professionals. Backed by an industry leading 20 year guarantee, Firestone liner has an exceptional resistance to solar UV, ozone and oxidation, providing years of trouble free use.

Otterbine Agent & Installer.

Specialising in pond and lake management solutions Pond Works sell and install Otterbine Lake Fountains & Aerators. From botanical gardens to rural lakes & dams, golf courses, council offices, housing estates and public open spaces, Pond Works can provide solutions with a quality product range.

Construction Tickets

The Pond Works team have the tickets and training to ensure they can manage the quality control from the start of the project right through to the finish providing our customers with a superior end product. Our customers can feel confident to Pond Works commitment to upholding the highest safety and quality standards by continuing to keep up with legislation and training our pond building team to the highest safety standards.

Pond Works are qualified:

  • Dogman
  • Rigger
  • Excavator Operators
  • Crane Operators
  • Bulldozer Operators
  • Roller Operators
  • Skidsteer Operators

Fish Expertise

Mark Jones leads the Pond Works team with his extensive biological knowledge about what goes on in your water and a thorough understanding of fish disease and recognition. Mark is so passionate about fish and fish quality he is also the founder of “Brisbane Gold Fish Specialists” who work with Pond Works to breed quality goldfish that reach their potential in the ponds that we build and maintain.

What Our Clients Have To Say

We are thrilled to have an “Aquascapes System” pond, designed to mimic nature, built by Pond Works as a focal point to our home. From my very first discussions with Mark I established that he was conscientious, down to earth, knowledgeable and friendly. We are extremely lucky to have a Pond Works pond in our entertaining area. We heartily recommend that you consider having a pond or water feature built by Pond Works.
Garth C
We are besotted with the pond and water feature, and have been out every night, even in last night’s rain, to have an unwind time. We have already had some interest from friends and neighbours who love it too. Many thanks for all the care and time you took to engineer this for us”
Darryl & Helen
Thank you to Mark and the team for providing a service that was second to none. We really appreciated being able to experience flawless reliability along with the high levels of creativity and attention to detail that were applied to our pond rebuild.  Our requirements were always listened to and acknowledged, with the end result being an entertainment area that is now complemented by a stunning, professionally created pond that is not only enjoyed every day but is also amazingly easy to maintain.
Claire & Mike
We can’t thank the Pond Works team enough for most amazing pond and outdoor space which has transformed the way our daily home schooling lessons are done. I’d also like to thank Mark for providing the most amazing educational resources. I incorporated the Pond Activity Guide and Work Sheets into our lesson plans. Being able to watch the children learn and interact with nature at home has been such a blessing.
Paul & Amanda