Frequently Asked Questions

At Pond Works we pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge about all things, ponds and pondless streams. We have created a list of some of the most commonly asked questions.

If you don’t find an answer to your question, no problem, head on over to our contact page and submit your question and we will be in touch as soon as possible!

General Questions

Finding a leak is a process of elimination and it is important to locate the source of the leak.

Always look for any dampness and/or wet areas on the perimeter that may indicate a low edge.

Excessive plant growth can also be a good indicator for an apparent low edge.

If after inspecting all edges and there is no dampness, turn your pump off and if you have an auto-fill valve shut that down too. You need to fill your pond and allow it to sit overnight to see if the water level drops. If the water level has dropped, you have a line to follow where the water is leaking. If the water level does not drop the problem is likely to be in the plumbing or waterfall area.

If you still need help, get in touch and we can schedule one of our experienced technicians for a service call to come and identify the issue for you.

This is a common thing we encounter.

We do offer an on-site consultation to help educate
you about your new water feature lifestyle. During this time, we can suggest other enhancements and water treatments to your pond that may help make maintaining your
pond an easier process.

Alternatively, we can offer maintenance packages and take all the work out of it for you.

We recommend at minimum an annual clean however everyone’s expectation are different.

We have ponds we service annually, half yearly, quarterly, monthly and even fortnightly to keep them looking in pristine conditions.

We can even schedule a party clean to ensure your pond is looking its best in time for that special occasion. We can develop a custom maintenance package to suit you and your pond.

You should feed your fish enough for them to consume in the space of a few minutes.

Feeding only 2-3 times a week will encourage your fish to scavenge on the algae contained in your pond helping to maintain a healthier pond.

Pond plants absorb nutrients from the water which is important to the overall health of the ecosystem.

Plants can help control algae by absorbing nutrient as well as providing shelter against the sun and predators for fish, frogs and other water dwelling animals.

At the same time many aquatic species of plants can provide us with wonderful blooms to enhance our water feature lifestyle.

We all want to keep our fish safe from unwelcome visitors and fortunately there are some solutions if predatory birds are a problem for you.

Pond Works do offer a pond netting service where we can supply or install a protective net over your pond.

We can also supply water plants for good coverage and suggest ideas for creating hiding places and caves.

Other alternatives could be motion activated sprinklers, lasers and decoys. Every pond is different, and we suggest you contact us so we can help you to find the best solution for your situation.

This isn’t just an investment, it’s a lifestyle. These water features come to life after dark – don’t miss the light dancing from beneath the waterfall after the sun goes down.

In Queensland, these systems are all seasons, all hours and, for most of us, after work hours are in the dark.

“A water feature makes a house a home” Greg Wittstock

If you’re going to make the investment, don’t make it in the dark.

What Our Clients Have To Say

We are thrilled to have an “Aquascapes System” pond, designed to mimic nature, built by Pond Works as a focal point to our home. From my very first discussions with Mark I established that he was conscientious, down to earth, knowledgeable and friendly. We are extremely lucky to have a Pond Works pond in our entertaining area. We heartily recommend that you consider having a pond or water feature built by Pond Works.
Garth C
We are besotted with the pond and water feature, and have been out every night, even in last night’s rain, to have an unwind time. We have already had some interest from friends and neighbours who love it too. Many thanks for all the care and time you took to engineer this for us”
Darryl & Helen
Thank you to Mark and the team for providing a service that was second to none. We really appreciated being able to experience flawless reliability along with the high levels of creativity and attention to detail that were applied to our pond rebuild.  Our requirements were always listened to and acknowledged, with the end result being an entertainment area that is now complemented by a stunning, professionally created pond that is not only enjoyed every day but is also amazingly easy to maintain.
Claire & Mike
We can’t thank the Pond Works team enough for most amazing pond and outdoor space which has transformed the way our daily home schooling lessons are done. I’d also like to thank Mark for providing the most amazing educational resources. I incorporated the Pond Activity Guide and Work Sheets into our lesson plans. Being able to watch the children learn and interact with nature at home has been such a blessing.
Paul & Amanda