Lake & Dam Management

Is your lake or dam in need of help ?

Lakes & Dams are a valuable resource, They can add beauty to the landscape and can provide endless hours of recreation. To add to this they create a habitat for many different species of native flora and fauna. In order to keep these man made  environments healthy we sometimes need to give mother nature a helping hand, aeration can of the water body can be sometimes all that is needed to help restore the balance.

Water quality determines the health of your lake or Dam and the aquatic organisms living within it. Beneath the surface your lake or dam is a complex biological and physical community supporting everything from microscopic bacteria to fish and plants.

A lake or dams condition deteriorates when its bottom environment cannot support aquatic life. The bottom is where the most oxygen is consumed and the furthest from the surface where it is replenished. Without adequate oxygen at the bottom, beneficial bacteria do not break down the organic waste. This results inn accumulation of sediment (muck) on the bottom. Simply put: without oxygen, a lake or dam cannot clean itself.

So how do we fix this problem? Aeration is amongst one of the easiest ways to get Oxygen back to where it is needed, This can be achieved with purpose designed Aeration systems or Aerating Fountains for that more aesthetic look.

Diffused air(aeration) systems utilise a shore-mounted air compressor that pumps air through a hose to an air diffuser lying on the bottom of the lake or dam. As the bubbles rise from the air diffuser, they create a “lifting” action, which then creates considerable circulation throughout the lake or dam and exposes the bottom water to the surface thus allowing for air water oxygen exchanges occur. The result is more oxygen is brought to the bottom of the lake or dam where the beneficial bacterias to go to work and begin to help break down the accumulated sediment or muck creating a more stable and productive ecosystem. The other bonus to adding an aeration systems is that cooler bottom waters are brought to the surface resulting in a lower surface temperature and hence is proven to reduce evaporation.

Aesthetic Aeration with a Otterbine 15hp. Giant Fountain